LDD attracted strong interest at the CleanTech 2013 exhibition

At CleanTech 2013, LDD, a company in the Neopharm Group, presented a range of innovative technology solutions for remediation of soil and underground water, and treatment of water and industrial waste water. The company represents leading global companies, offering advanced oxidation technologies for a range of industrial applications, as well as unique disinfection technologies.

At this exhibition, Dr. Martin Sorensen, CEO of the German company Enviolet, presented the advanced oxidation method for pharmaceutical industry waste water, which is also suitable for treatment of toxic organic wastewater that is hard to treat. At this exhibition, the Israeli audience gained its first exposure to innovative solutions based on a unique UV technology for recycling metals in the metal coating industry, treatment of industrial waste water, treatment of water and disinfection of water containers. In addition to being the exclusive representative of Enviolet in Israel, LDD also presented APTwater, a company that specializes in groundwater remediation and treatment of nitrates, and Carus, which specializes in water treatment using permanganate. There was considerable interest in the solutions offered by LDD and potential cooperation channels with leading Israeli companies were opened.




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