Remediation of petroleum -contaminated groundwater

Industry: Filling station

Site history: Long-established filling station, in operation since the 1960s. The discovery of a free phase of petroleum on the groundwater at a monitoring well adjacent to the tanks, triggered the drilling of additional monitoring wells.

Objective: To remediate groundwater and prevent expansion of the plume. .

Solution: Creating a bio-barrier by installing multiple treatment wells downstream, and laying sleeves containing an active oxygen release compound (EHC-O), which promotes aerobic microbial decomposition of fuel components.


Site: Confidential

Zoning: Filling station

Location: Tel Aviv

Contaminants: Fuel components (BTEX, PAH and MTBE)

Soil type: Clay (3 meters deep) above layers of sand and Eolianite (Kurkar)

Groundwater level 5 m. below ground level, 1 m. above sea level

Current condition: The concentration of dissolved fuel components in treatment wells decreased by several orders of magnitude compared to those in wells above the barrier.



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