Remediation of Defense sector plant

Industry: Defense sector plant

Site history: Diesel fuel container (volume: 2,000 liters), previously used for heating; due to incidents of over-filling, free fuel was found above the groundwater at an adjacent piezometer. The container was taken out of the ground, and contaminated soil was excavated end removed.

Objective: Remediation of soil and underground water.

Solution: Groundwater – pump free fuel from underground water; treatment using an IEG circulation well – based on the air-lift effect.

Soil – excavate and remove; treatment of residual contamination by means of an SVE circulation well.

Site: Confidential

Zoning:: Heating diesel fuel container

Location: —-

Contaminants: Diesel fuel

Soil type: Sandy

Groundwater level: 2.5 m. below ground level, 0 m. above sea level

Treated area: 30 m2

Remediation period: 2009-2011

Current condition: There is no free fuel above the groundwater in monitoring wells; there is no concentration of dissolved fuel components in underground water; the concentration of volatile matter pumped by the well has decreased significantly.



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