Remediation of soil and groundwater at a gas station

Industry: Filling station

Site history: Long-standing filling station, in operation since the 1950s. Upon discovering MTBE in a Mekorot production well adjacent to the filling station, a survey of the soil and groundwater was conducted. The findings indicated MTBE and fuel component contamination of groundwater and of the unsaturated soil medium below the filling station. Groundwater depth below the filling station is 32 meters.

Objective: To remediate soil and underground water, prevent movement of contamination in water towards the Mekorot production well.

Solution: Groundwater – a system for groundwater treatment was installed on the border of the filling station facing the Mekorot production well; the method chosen: creating an active barrier to prevent movement of contaminants towards the production well. The barrier was implemented using ISOC technology from Inventures, Canada – which enriches the groundwater with dissolved oxygen to promote contaminant decomposition in the groundwater.

Soil – In 2011, work was carried out at the filling station to upgrade infrastructure, including replacement of underground tanks, pumps and all fuel lines. In conjunction with this work, all of the soil, down to 2 meters at least, was replaced, and an HDPE layer was placed below the entire fuel station area to create an impermeable barrier and to prevent future leaks from the fuel infrastructure to the subsoil.

Soil Testing Site


Site: Confidential

Zoning: Filling station

Location: Central Israel

Contaminants: Fuel components (BTEX and MTBE)

Soil type: Clay (6 meters deep), alternate layers of red loam and sand (to a depth of 17 meters) above a layer of carbonate rock (chalk), down to the groundwater level

Groundwater level 32 m. below surface level

Treated area: 2,500 m2

Current condition: The contaminated soil has been removed and disposed of. Recent testing found no more fuel components in the Mekorot production well, which has resumed operation. The concentration of fuel components in groundwater within the filling station area is low and stable.


סיפור הצלחה - בדיקת קרקע 2


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