The cost for remediation of the contaminated unsaturated soils (excluding groundwater) in the nation is about 10 billion Shekels

Dr. Raphi Mandelbaum, the CEO of LDD Advanced Technologies, participated last Thursday (June 12th 2014) in a panel titled “the environment of tomorrow”, on the subject of remediation of polluted soils – “From environmental risk to an opportunity”. The panel was part of the “business and environment” conference organized by the Israeli economic journal “The –Marker”.
In the panel Dr. Mandelbaum said that the cost for remediation of the contaminated, unsaturated soils (excluding groundwater) in the nation, is about 10 billion Shekels. This figure was concluded from a through research done by LDD Advanced Technologies for the Ministry of Environmental Defense. Raphi said that the cleanup of the unsaturated zone is technically feasible but costly.

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