XRF Analyzers

Thermo Scientific Niton XRF XL2-Goldd Series Environmental Analyzers

A handheld analyzer used to identify RCRA metals and priority pollutants in soils, in-situ, in real time.

  • Our XRF analyzer provides lab-quality results within seconds.
  • In-situ screening, saving money for customers.
  • Professional trained and experienced staff.

The identification and remediation of environmental contaminants is a major, costly challenge worldwide. From hazardous site modeling and risk assessment to on-site contaminant screening and lead paint abatement, to testing for Chinese drywall, the ability to collect and efficiently analyze thousands of samples in situ is a fundamental requirement. Accuracy and speed are imperative; relying solely on off-site testing labs can be time consuming and expensive. Now there is a better solution that provides near real-time results and can fit literally in the palm of your hand – the choice of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and other leading regulatory organizations.

Simplify On-site Contaminant Screening.  With Thermo Scientific Niton XRF XL2-Gold Analyzers allow you to perform rapid, on-the-spot screening for accurate elemental identification with the simple pull of a trigger. Lightweight and ruggedly built for virtually any field environment or weather condition, you can easily detect and measure RCRA metals, priority pollutants, and U.S. EPA target analytes. The handheld analyzers offer nearly instantaneous, legally-defensible results for fast decision making at significantly less cost than off-site laboratory testing. Screen for environmental hazards in seconds with point-and-shoot simplicity

LDD is the first company in Israel using the XRF handheld analyzer to identify 26 heavy metals in soils/sediments while in full compliance with the US EPA Method 6200.

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