Environmental Consulting

Environmental Consulting consists of multiple areas in which our company provides full professional services.

Environmental consulting services and assistance vis-à-vis environmental protection authorities

In conjunction with its professional services, LDD provides consultation and assistance services in the field of environmental protection vis-à-vis authorities to developers, construction companies, production plants, and other entities in the private and public sectors. These services include consulting on matters such as: applications for building permits, including requirements for testing and treatment of soil, soil gas and groundwater suspected of being contaminated; conditions on business licenses imposed by the Ministry of Environmental Protection; compliance with environmental laws and regulations with regard to soil, groundwater, wastewater etc.

The services offered include consultation services, including site visits to study the site, attending work meetings and discussions with the authorities, providing expert professional opinions, writing environmental documents, providing ongoing assistance for implementation of requirements, etc. – all the way through to obtaining the required permits from the various environmental authorities.

This service is provided by expert consultants on behalf of the company (all are employed full time and are on the payroll of the company), who have extensive academic and professional knowledge. The company and its staff have long-standing experience working vis-à-vis the relevant authorities on environmental protection in Israel, including: the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the Water Authority, Environmental Units (Municipalities), and many other entities in the field of environmental protection.

Environmental assessments: ESA (Environmental Site Assessment), EHS (Environmental Health and Safety) and environmental due diligence (EDD, EHS)

LDD advanced Technologies is a well-established, leading Environmental Consultancy and Remediation Company in Israel. We provide our clients a wide array of environmental services, including Environmental due diligence; ESA and EHS audits; Environmental site Characterization (Phase I); Environmental investigation plans (Phase II); complete site investigation/assessment; Soil, soil gas and groundwater sampling; Environmental risk assessment; Cost-effective solutions for risk management and mitigation; and advanced in-situ and ex-situ remediation solutions.

LDD advanced technologies has cooperated with many consulting companies based in the US, UK, Europe, India and more, in order to supply their clients with the best service possible by conducting a professional and complete EHS/ESA or EDD audit while reducing project costs by eliminating travel and accommodation expenses.

Our staff is highly qualified with extensive knowledge in assessing potential contamination from different manufacturing processes, comprehensive understanding of local laws and regulations and  have a significant amount of experience in performing EDD and ESA audits for international companies in accordance with ASTM Standard E1527-13. When conducting EHS audits we collaborate with professional HS consultants familiar with all health and safety laws and regulations and with extensive experience in conducting HS audits.

The environmental assessment may be carried out at various levels of detail and depth, adding health and safety aspects as required. The assessment is conducted in accordance with the current ASTM standards and of the US EPA for collecting information on sites suspected of being contaminated (Phase I ESA). In conjunction with this assessment, the environmental documents are reviewed, as is the actual condition of the site – while identifying the environmental impact of past industrial activities, in accordance with requirements set forth in permits, licenses and associated conditions as issued by the authorities regarding the site.

LDD provides professional assistance on real-estate acquisition and investment processes. The consulting services offered are an aid for making decisions and carrying them out. In many cases, the advice offered assists customers in reducing uncertainty when conducting the transaction. Increased certainty enables reduction in transaction costs and avoidance of future issues of environmental legal liability. The need for this service should increase even more with the expected final legislation of the Contaminated Land Act, which imposes significant responsibility on land owners and users.

In conjunction with the due diligence process, an experienced professional team with extensive knowledge of the relevant laws and regulations of the local authorities collects information about the site and the activities conducted there, currently and in the past, in order to identify any potential environmental contamination or any deviation from requirements specified by regulators, which may impact the value of the proposed transaction.

Featured projects:

  • ESA at several electronics sites (manufacturing sensors, microchips etc).
  • Phase I and ESA at various medical instruments manufacturing facilities.
  • EHS at an international pharmaceutical manufacturing site.
  • Annual EHS surveys for an international communication equipment manufacturing company.
  • Pre-acquisition Due diligence for numerous businesses in Israel including medical R&D, chemical plants, laboratories.
  • Phase I for an international consulting company at several industrial sites in Israel and Belgium.
  • H&S capabilities survey for an international retail company.
  • EHS for several office facilities across Israel.

 Feasibility studies

Feasibility studies for real-estate transactions and theoretical plans, such as review of the potential for construction of a filling station at a specific location. LDD has accumulated knowledge and an extensive geographical database, containing information about environmental elements (such as wells for drinking water) and planning elements, used for conducting such studies.

 Hydrological – environmental reports

LDD has extensive data base and experience in preparation of hydrological–environmental documents for urban development plans (outline and detailed plans) and for construction permits. The reports are prepared in accordance with guidelines from the Ministry of Environmental Protection as required by National Outline Plans: National Outline Plan 4/18 – the national outline plan for filling stations – and National Outline Plan 34/b/4 – the integrated national outline plan for the water system – collecting above-ground water into lakes, penetration, enrichment and protection of underground water. Services provided by the company include: preparation, distribution, assistance and monitoring vis-à-vis the relevant authorities and entities.

Risk surveys

Upon conclusion of the site survey, including location and classification of the contamination (Phase 1 & Phase 2), there might be a need to treat existing contamination. In cases where it is not possible to remove the contamination from the site, the customer has two alternatives: to conduct a risk assessment survey and/or treat the contamination on-site (in-situ), using a system for handling and remediation of soil and/or underground water.

Risk surveys are intended to provide a quantitative and/or qualitative estimate of the risk that on‑site contaminants pose to human health and/or to the eco-system around a site that was found to be contaminated in previous surveys (soil and/or soil gas surveys, groundwater testing). When preparing risk surveys, models are created to calculate the range of contaminant impact and the probability of damage to potentially impacted parties. Upon conclusion of the risk survey, a value is generated for each contaminant and for each potentially affected party, representing the calculated risk. This value allows for decisions to be made on further treatment of the site.

Risk surveys are prepared together with leading companies around the world, and in conformity with requirements of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and procedures such as RBCA (Risk-Based Corrective Action) and IRBCA (Israeli Risk-Based Corrective Action).

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